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- Timely Review and Feedback = Improved performance.

CQA uses follow the sun model.You get Quality Reviews for the call before the start of their next day.When agents are evaluated by an objective,third-party team,with comprehensive daily feedback and coaching suggestions, call centers experience improved quality scores and customers report higher levels of satisfaction.

- Quality Evaluations for Telephone, Email and Chat

CQA evaluates and audits telephone, email and chat communications and reports the scores and detailed feedback based on your guidelines to managers, supervisors and individual agents via an easy-to-use online reporting system. Detailed reports allow supervisors to view scores, attribute by attribute, at the agent level. Individual agents can also view their own results, listen to scored calls, and review feedback to help them improve their performance.

- Comprehensive, cost-effective quality monitoring for all your calls.

CQA staff listens to your calls and read your emails or chats, then we thoroughly evaluate them based on your guidelines, providing immediate and actionable feedback and suggestions.

- Data Security and Privacy

We take utmost care regarding the security and privacy of your data. We will work with you in every step of the process to ensure that

- You are in control

Monitor as many agents or calls as you need.

Increase or decrease you're monitoring to match changed conditions.

Flag problem calls for further research by your supervisors.

Let them go straight to what's Important!!

Get feedback quickly!

You can provide fast feedback to your agents.

You set the schedule,the criteria, the sampling and the reports.

We execute based on your instructions and change with you as your needs evolve.

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